Errorcode Description
10004 Array index is not an integer (%f)
This happens when a bytearray was corrupt during tranfer. Reloading the page between 5-10 times should fix the issue. (Never reload more than 25 times when getting this error unless you want to get blocked by our DDOS protection)
23002 Parameter %1 did not get sent correctly
Similar to 1004, means part of the received data wasn’t as expected. Try reloading numerous times or playing on a different domain.
30001 Read-only or write-protected file.
Go to your C:/Windows/System32/ and look for a file named “ActionQueue.dll”. Make sure it is not set to Read Only, and if it is just reinstall your browser try running the game again.
30005 Invalid transmission protocol
Make sure your network adapter isn’t set to communicate in German or Swedish (Right-click, properties, then look for “Adapter spoken language”). This can interfere with the server’s ability to understand the transmisison correctly.
30015 Loader.loadBytes() is not permitted to load content with executable code.
Verify that no one is hacking into your computer and inserting bits of harmful code into your motherboard (especially AMD-based chipsets). This has been know to mess with Flash Player.
40004 File or directory does not exist.
Go to C:/flash or create the folder if it isn’t there. Then create a new text file in notepad, add the missing init code (should be 10-15 lines) and save as “”, then try to load the game again.
40003 Operation cannot be performed while there is an open transaction on this connection.
Make sure you are not currently doing any transaction using the save network adapter. These include Paypal and credit cards transactions and it there as a security measure. Retry once your purchases are done.
40093 Out of memory.
If you have less than 2gb of ram you’ll have to upgrade your computer or download more ram at (get the 4gb pack, no idea why they have the others to be honest)
40108 Loaded file is an unknown type.
Locate the Flash Player exe on your pc, go to properties->types, then make sure the player is configured to understand the following file types: .swf, .swc, .fla, .thi, .sis, .ajo and .ke (if “ajo” and “ke” aren’t listed, run an antivirus scan just to make sure these weren’t removed by harmful software installed on your PC)
40115 Savefile could not be created or is corrupted
Something went wrong and your savefile either exists and is corrupted or couldn’t be created. Solution:
Click here to create a new Savefile and return to Learn To Fly 3!