Learn to Fly 3 Keys

The Key System

Backers from kickstarter and people who enroll in our Facebook or referral program will all receive a unique key with exclusive content and bonuses for Learn to Fly 3. These keys will be sent at the email address you provide at registration (Facebook and referral) or the address you give in the survey that will follow the kickstarter project.

These keys are meant to be used by only you, but sharing them with close friends or family is tolerated (think 2 or 3 people, not 20). We monitor each time a key is being used, and keys that show abnormal usage will be temporarily locked or even permanently banned.


Key locking and banning

The main goal is that everyone may benefit fully from his rewards and so the guidelines will be pretty flexible. Once a key is entered in the game, its content will remain active unless the save data it lost. In theory, you might need to use your key only once. We know this won’t be the case for many of you, so we’re setting the limit at roughly 15 uses per day. Once you pass this point, you key will be temporarily disabled, and will reactivated on its own within the next 24 hours.

This means no ones key should ever be banned if they use it the way it’s supposed to.

However if a key is overused, and we mean really overused (e.g.1,000 times a day), it will be banned from our system.

Let’s be clear on this point though: unless you plan to use your key 15 times in a day, then re-use it hundreds of time while getting the message that your key is temporarily disabled, you’re not at risk and you’ll never be. We strongly doubt anyone would stand in front of the computer entering his own key hundreds of time though. This would be the sign of a key that has been shared publicly and is being used by hundreds or thousands of users.


Alpha / Beta testing

The same key system is used for our closed alpha and beta testing security system, however due to the nature of its use, we are using different limits on keys during these periods. Keys can be used 15 times a day and unlock within 24 hours. Keys being severely abused will still be permanently banned, though a single user would probably never reach this point.



Keep your key to yourself and it will be safe.

Share it with a few trustworthy people and it should be safe.

Share it publicly and it will be banned.