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Light Bringer Games is a really small studio, I actually work alone for the most part currently, and the flash games market has really shrunk over the years. For these reasons, if you have the means and the desire to help, check out all these different ways to support us and lend a hand!



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Affiliate links

It’s a bit strange to look at, but if you shop at any of these website, why not use these links and support us while you buy!

My personal favorites

I doubt I have to explain Amazon to you.

Book Depository
Where I buy most of my books. In my experience it competes well with amazon and offers free shipping. They also send out free bookmarks. I like free stuff, even when it’s as simple as nice little bookmarks 😛

Kobo (US)
Kobo (Canada)

Where I buy most of my ebooks and also where I bought my eReaders.

Great food/health product shop. This link points you at freebies for new customers.

Razer Zone
Learn to Fly 3 was done on a DeathAdder and a BlackWidow. I rest my case.
Where all the Learn to Fly music comes from! Great royalty-free audio of all genre.


Web Hosting

My favorite when it comes to smaller websites. There are cheaper alternatives, but I’ve just never had any problem with them through the years. Use promo code LBGAMES25OFF to get 25% off!

Use promo code LBGAMES for $10 off 1 year or $20 off 2 year plans!

Used them in the best, reliable and pretty cheap.

Liquid Web
Was frequently recommended to me, a little pricey in my experience.


Other stuff

Great alternative to mail/mailing list services like MailChimp. Much cheaper and just as good in my opinion.

Where I register all my domains. Works great and is the cheapest I’ve personally found.

Elegant Themes
Great looking WordPress themes

A place to get virtually any kind of job done for $5 or more. I frequently use it in my projects. This link gets you a “buy one get one” kind of deal.

Cloud storage I use alongside DropBox, because I almost lost all of Learn to Fly 3 in a dramatic sync accident…….